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Searching for the best siding in Minneapolis MN? Look no further than Grand Exteriors, a professional siding contractor. We specialize in improving the value, beauty, and energy efficiency of your home.

Why Choose Grand Exteriors for Your Siding Project?

Local Expertise: We are your local siding contractor in MN. Our expert team understands the extent of weather challenges faced in Minnesota. To withstand harsh winters and hot summers, we recommend and install proven siding materials. For professional Minnesota window and siding services, you can trust our seasoned technicians.

Unmatched Selection: We offer a range of high-quality siding options including steel, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood. With so much to offer, you can find the perfect fit for your home’s budget and style.

Durability & Performance: Being a reputable siding contractor in Minnesota, we only rely on products that are durable and affordable. These types of sidings require low maintenance requirements and offer exceptional wind resistance.

Expert Consultation: We offer the best siding in Minneapolis MN. Our seasoned team will conduct a thorough inspection to judge the condition of your home’s exterior. We are committed to offering the most suitable siding solution that’s right for your needs. This makes us one of the most preferred MN siding companies.

Skilled Installation: Grand Exteriors is a professional siding contractor in Minneapolis MN. Our certified and highly trained installers have years of experience. Your new siding is installed flawlessly to enhance the beauty and performance of your home.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize building a strong relationship with our valued clients. Our team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations when offering Minnesota siding and windows replacement services. Besides, we follow strict industrial standards when offering both commercial and residential siding in Minneapolis.

Types of Siding We Offer

Vinyl Siding: This type of siding is a popular choice for its durability, affordability, colors, and wide range of styles. Vinyl siding requires minimal cleaning and upkeep. Most of the high-quality vinyl options come with fade-resistant technology. This helps keep your home’s curb appeal vibrant for years to come.

Steel Siding: Steel is weather-resistant and incredibly strong, making steel siding a reliable choice for harsh Minnesota winters. In addition, steel siding is resistant to wind, hail, and fire, making it a smart choice for long-term protection. It’s also available in a range of styles and colors to complement the architectural style of any home.

Fiber Cement Siding: This siding offers the classic beauty of wood with low maintenance and superior fire resistance qualities. These sidings are engineered to withstand rot, moisture, and insect infestation. It comes in a wide range of textures that mimic the look of wood grain. Due to its unmatched durability, fiber siding is referred to as the best siding for Minnesota.

Wood Siding: Provides a natural and timeless aesthetic for achieving a rustic or traditional look. Wood siding not only provides excellent insulation properties but also adds value to your home. Our huge selection of wood siding consists of different finishes and species that match your design preferences.

Siding Specialist

Grand Exteriors is Your Local Siding Specialist

Grand Exteriors is the best choice when searching for a local siding contractor that will increase the value of your home or business with the highest quality siding supplies and products on the market. We have helped residents across Minnesota and Twin Cities with their siding selection and installation for many years. Over the years, our company has earned the trust of home owners by keeping pace with all the latest technological developments and consistently changing our operations to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

A proven expert in exterior design and selection, we have the tools to show results before the supplies even leave the factory. We offer all types of siding to enrich the architectural design and improve the curb appeal of your home or business. Choose from many different colors and styles. The products we offer are durable, wind tested, virtually maintenance-free and offer lifetime warranties. Picture the difference first with Grand Exteriors.

Beyond the Basics: Specialty Accents and More!

When looking for reliable Minneapolis siding, Grand Exteriors is the option to consider. We are known to offer the best siding in MN. Apart from our core siding options, we offer a range of specialty accents to elevate your home’s exterior design. You can count on us for the best siding in Minnesota.

Board and Batten: Give a farmhouse-inspired and classic look to your home. Board and batten siding features flat battens and vertical boards that cover the seams, adding a touch of character and dimension to your home’s exterior. This style is a popular and viable choice for both contemporary and traditional homes.

Shake and Shingles:Add a touch of architectural interest texture. Shake and shingle siding is available in different colors and styles. This allows you to create a custom look for your home. This siding option mimics the look of natural wood shakes.

Stone Veneer: Introduce a touch of sophistication and natural elegance to your home. Stone veneer is popular for its timeless beauty. It’s available in various colors and textures to complement any siding material.

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