Insurance Claim

Severe Weather and Damaging Storms

Severe weather and damaging storms create destructive forces which can cause disrepair to your home or business. Hail, tree branches, fallen trees, lightning, wind, and water can create storm damage to your roof, house fires, power outages, and if your home is unlivable after your storm, you may have to find temporary housing while your home is being repaired.

However, you don’t need to have an armageddon storm event for Mother Nature to cause damage to your home. A storm as simple as a spring or summer thunderstorm or winter ice and snow storms can damage your property. Make sure you’re prepared for all types of bad weather by talking to a licensed insurance agent to make sure you have proper insurance coverage.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim from Storm Damage?

First, talk to your insurance agent and Grand Exteriors to determine if a claim should be filed. It’s important not to file frivolous or unwarranted claims.

Grand Exteriors will assist the claim process by providing documentation, photos, and estimates to insurance company professionally and efficiently to quickly provide the information necessary to get your insurance claim approved promptly. We’ll help you every step of the way by giving you the information you need to contact your agent to file a claim for storm damage. Since many insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, you’ll want to have your information ready quickly. Grand Exterior is ready to help you out right away.


Review your homeowner’s policy with your insurance agent today! Know what’s covered in the event of a storm and what you’ll need to cover to ensure you can repair your home if storm damage occurs. Suppose you understand your homeowner’s policy coverage, how to file your insurance claim, and what you can expect from the process. In that case, your next step is to schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster.

Make sure to take these steps early on to have the details and information necessary to file a storm damage insurance claim for your home:

  • Have Grand Exteriors document your storm damage with detailed information about your home or businesses storm damage. We’ll take pictures immediately after the storm to document the damage. Don’t clean up until we’ve recorded all damage. Wait to deal with debris until after a claims adjuster has assessed the situation.

  • Obtain a copy of Grand Exteriors professional report. Experienced contractor like Grand Exteriors understands how the insurance process works, and Grand Exteriors is experienced with the process to get the most benefit and value from your claim.

  • Be wary of scammers, and don’t use an unlicensed contractor that promises quick and cheap repairs. Especially those contact you unsolicited. Whether you’re filing an insurance claim or not, ensure that all contractors working on your home repair are insured, licensed, and bonded.

  • You may have to wait for an insurance storm adjuster to review your home damage. Grand Exteriors can tarp or mitigate your your property damage in the interim.

We’re here to help you protect and restore your home or business! If your home or business was damaged in a storm and you’re looking to file a claim or better understand what your homeowners’ insurance covers, give Grand Exteriors a call today at 763-434-0826 we’ll be glad to work with you to take the hassle out of filing your homeowner’s insurance claim.